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Introducing the NEO-SANSUI Sound - The SANSUI Traditions Continue   

It has been said that the ultimate goal for the high fidelity audio is to accomplish the most transparent reproductions of the original music presentations.  The level of success for this transparency is usually measured by predefined variables associated with specific audio equipments.  At the same time, however, music performances are nothing but the form of art that appeals to people’s sensitivity rather than scientific measurements. 

When representation of music from the equipments that possess the highest measurable specifications still sounds inferior to those of having less impressive statistics, it has to be concluded that some measurements that could determine the most fundamental elements of music representations have been missing.  Further more, these fundamental missing elements must be far greater than the sum of the superiority of measurable advantages.

Therefore, this site is devoted to those equipments that might have less impressive measurable statistics; however, still yield the most fantastic music representations, called Tube Amplifiers.


*** Now, we have the toll free phone number within the US  1-866-702-6973, international customers please call  +1-269-978-8690

*** We have European Voltage (230V primary) power transformers, the PT-220R and the PT-240R, also (220V primary) PT-260V in stock.

*** Introducing the Live! MC-10 Supreme MC Step-Up - 12/11/2007

*** Introducing the Live! MC-10 MC Step-Up, please write to us if you are interested in this unit. - 07/31/2007

*** Introducing MC Step UP Units with The HM-3 MC Step Up Transformer - 04/01/2007

*** Customers outside of the US - Please write to; We can offer you the best deal

*** 11/08/2006 - Added a Link to Automated Ordering Process  Order Now

*** 11/06/2006 - Added Photos at the Hashimoto Booth from the 11th (2005) and 12th (2006) Tube Audio Fair in Tokyo - Application Photos

*** 02/01/2006 - Added the new Page - The Secret of the Hashimoto Sound

*** Latest news, any comments or questions? - please visit our new BBS 

Sansui Electric in Early Days

 Those who know Sansui with the famed later products, such as the BA-5000, the CA-3000, or the AU-20000, or receivers and tuners, such as the G-33000 or TU-919, might say "Sansui Tube Gear???"  However, the reality was that Sansui built its foundation with transformer business, and established its first international fame with the 1000A Tube Receiver.  Of course, the most signature tube product was the AU-111 at the very end of tube era followed by less known, but impressive tube amplifiers.  More details....    


Sansui Products in Tube Era

 Sansui's very first product lines were bare transformers; this means no Sansui amplifiers or no Sansui receivers at the beginning.  After the initial success with high quality transformers, Sansui started marketing kit amps and receivers followed by many well built tube amplifiers and receivers.  One thing in common among these early Sansui products was that Sansui never compromised in quality.  This philosophy in quality was Sansui's absolute priority until the late 1970's when Sansui started marketing some inexpensive models under the same brand name.  More details....


Who is Hashimoto Electric?

Hashimoto Electric Co., Ltd, started its business in 1958 as an OEM transformer manufacturer.  From its beginning, Sansui Electric was one of Hashimoto’s main customers.  Since Sansui spanned off its entire transformer business - including all blue prints, patents, distribution / sales force, and even Sansui's original logo - to Hashimoto in 1979, Hashimoto Electric has been maintaining Sansui's product philosophy and quality traditions.  Even today, Hashimoto sells Sansui transformers with Sansui's original logo on them.  In addition to these Sansui transformers, Hashimoto started manufacturing own tube transformers in 2002.  More details.... 


Hashimoto Products

Hashimoto supplied the famed AU-111 transformers to Sansui vacuum tube transformer, single ended output transformer, tube amp transformer when Sansui reissued the AU-111 Vintage in 1999. Now, Hashimoto offers own branded tube transformers in 34 different models.  These transformers have been designed from the ground up based upon the 60 years of accumulated know-how and technologies.  A few critics stated, "The sound via Hashimoto transformers simply belong to a different level compared with others."  More details and technical specifications.....                 


Tube Amp Projects Utilizing Hashimoto Transformers

These nine amplifiers utilizing Hashimoto transformers were originally featured on Japanese hi-fi magazines in 2003 and 2004.  These applications include Push-Pull and Single-Ended with KT-88, EL34, EL84, etc.  Some of applications use coupling transformers, as well.  More details.....   


What's  New

bulletNew Page - The Secret of the Hashimoto Sound
bulletMy Own Project - 12BH7A Cathode Follower Driven 300B Single-Ended Power Amplifier
bulletAdded two new sections: Technical Aspects and How Hashimoto Sounds?
bulletour new BBS

Key Issues

bulletWhy Sansui?  Sansui used to dominate the Japanese Tube hi-fi industry with tube transformers as well as receivers and amplifiers.
bulletWho is Hashimoto?  Hashimoto Electric became a Sansui's transformer OEM in 1979 by inheriting all Sansui transformer technologies.
bulletCan I buy new or used replacement transformers for Sansui AU-111, AU-70, or 1000A Receiver? YES
bulletCan I buy the newest Hashimoto transformers?  YES
bulletCan I find other high-end tube parts? YES 





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