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Sansui Tube-Era Products

Year Month Tube Related Products Other Products Description
1944 December P-422H, etc   Power Transformers
1947   Transformers   More than 10 Tube Transformers
1952   Transformers   Counted 43 Product Lines
1954 April P-44B, S-65, S-70   Power Transformers
  April HW-731, HW-733   Williamson Type Output Transformers
1954 August HRR-100(120), HRR-150(200)   Pre-Amplifiers
  August HF-2A3S,HF-2A3K,HF-6V6P,HF-6V6K   Power-Amplifiers
1955 April HF-R5K   Power-Amplifier
  June HF-L6K   Power-Amplifier
  September P-120,P-130,P-160,P-200   Power Transformers
  September C-150,C-200,C-250   Choke Coils
  September CW-781,CW-782,CW-783   High-Fidelity Output Transformers
  November PR-330, PR-330C   Pre-Amplifiers with Tuner
1956 March HF-R50(C), HF-V60(C), HF-L60(C)   Power-Amplifiers
  June PM-R500, PM-V600   Receivers
  October PR-400   Pre-Amplifier with Tuner
  December SA-1000   Console Type Amplifier
1957 February PM-R550   Receiver
  April V-660, V-700, PM-100   Receivers
  June PM-770   Receiver
  July PM-666   Receiver
  August Q-50   High-Power Power-Amplifier
  October PM-555   Receiver
  November FM-7   FM Tuner
  November PM-800   The first Receiver with FM Tuner
1958 March AF-350   Pre-Amplifier with FM Tuner
  April FM-5   FM Tuner
  April PM-880   Receiver with FM
  May Q-101   High-Power Power-Amplifier
      M-1000 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
  October Q-55   High-Power Power-Amplifier
  November PM-900   Receiver with FM
  November SP-220   The first Stereo Pre-Amplifier
  November Q-3535   The first Stereo Power-Amplifier
1959 May MX-10   Mixer Amplifier
  May PM-8   Receiver with FM
  June SM-88   The first Stereo Pre-Main Amplifier
  October SM-20   The first Stereo Receiver
1960 January SM-30   Receiver
  February SM-11   Receiver
  June SM-21   Receiver
  October SM-12   Receiver
1961 March SM-11B   Receiver
  April PR-333   Monaural Pre-Amplifier
  April Q-15   Monaural Power-Amplifier
  May SM-80   High-Power Stereo Receiver
  June SM-18   Receiver
  October SM-17   Receiver
  November   Type MS Voltage Stabilizer Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
1962 February SM-32   Receiver
  April APS-10   The first Separate Stereo
  April SM-10   Receiver
  July APS-18   Separate Stereo
  October MP-1   FM Multiplex Adopter
  October APS-15   Separate Stereo
  November SM-33   Receiver
1963 March SM-12A   Receiver
  March   SE-20A The first Speaker System
  April APS-7   Separate Stereo
  May APS-12   Separate Stereo
  May Transformers   15 new hi-fi Transformers
  June APS-300   Separate Stereo
  August APS-400   Separate Stereo
  September   SE-20C Speaker System
  September SM-90   Receiver
  September APS-500   Separate Stereo
  October SM-34, SM-35   Receiver
    (500), (1000)   Receiver
1964 February SM-12M   Receiver
  April SAX-100, SAX-200   The first Receiver with FM Multiplex Stereo
  July AU-70   Stereo Pre-Main Amplifier
  July TU-70   Stereo Tuner with FM Multiplex Stereo
  August APS-420   Separate Stereo
  September APS-410   Separate Stereo
    (1000A)   Receiver
1965 April APS-420D   Separate Stereo
  May   TR-707A The First Transistor Receiver - Exporting Only
  July SAX-300   Triode Receiver
  August AU-111   Integrated Amplifier - The Origin of the Black Panel 
  December APS-530   The first Separate Stereo with Kumiko Speakers
1966 May   TR-700 The First Transistor Receiver for the Japanese Market
  May APS-310   Separate Stereo
  May   SP-100, SP-200, SP-LE8T Speakers
  July   SS-1 Headphone
  August APS-430   Separate Stereo
  November SAX-600   Triode Receiver
  December SAX-700   Receiver
1967 January   SP-300 Speaker
  February   SAX-400 (400) Receiver
  March   SS-2 Headphone
  May   AU-777 The First All-Silicon-Transistor Integrate Amplifier
  July BA-202, BA-303   Power Amplifiers
  July   SP-50 Speaker
  August CA-303   Control Amplifier with Active Crossover
  August   CD-3 Active Crossover
  September   (3000A) Receiver
  October   SR-4040 The First Turn Table
  November SAX-270   Receiver
  November APS-220 (220) , APS-330   Separate Stereo
  December SAX-500 (500A)   Receiver
1968 January   SP-30 Speaker
  February   SAX-2000 (2000) Receiver
  March   TU-777 Tuner
  May   AU-555 Integrated Amplifier
  May   SP-2000 Speaker
  May   SR-2020 Turn Table
  June   AU-222 Integrated Amplifier
  June   TU-555 Tuner
  June   BA-60 Power Amplifier
  June   TC-505 Pre-Amplifier and Tuner
  July   PA-100 Public Address Amplifier
  July   SR-3030 Turn Table
  August   BA-90 Power Amplifier
  October   SAX-350 (350) Receiver
  October   SAX-800 (800) Receiver
  October   APS-1200 Separate Stereo
  November   APS-1400 Separate Stereo
1969 January   SP-1001, SP-2001 Speakers
  February   SS-20 Headphone
  March   CD-5 Active Crossover
  March   (5000A) Receiver
  May   APS-1000 Separate Stereo
  June   AU-777D integrated Amplifier
  June SAX-250 (250)   Receiver
  July   SAX-150 Receiver
  November   MC-50 Music Center
  November   APS-900 Separate Stereo

(xxxxx) --- Exporting Models




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